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Lord Moira to Anna Jane Vardill

St James’s Place

February 11th 1809


My own acknowledgments for the Book with which you honored me appeared a poor return for your flattering Compliment, and they seemed still more inadequate when measured with the Gratification which I had in the perusal of your Poems. I, therefore, wished to render them less unacceptable by transmitting at the same time those thanks which I know the Prince of Wales would commission me to offer as soon as he should have been able to read the works. It is with peculiar satisfaction that I now obey his Commands in expressing to you, Madam, the Prince’s sense of your polite attention, as well as his assurance of the pleasure he found in what he has been studying.

Insignificant as my professions of obligation must be after those of His Royal Highness, allow me still to add them: and believe, Madam, that I have the Honor to remain

Your most obedient and humble Servant


Miss Vardill