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Anna Jane Vardill

Poems and Translations, from the Minor Greek Poets and others; Written Chiefly Between the Ages of Ten and Sixteen, by a Lady


The fugitive Pieces which compose this collection, were written chiefly between the ages of Eleven and Sixteen, in the leisure hours allowed by a domestic education. They are published with the timidity excited by their imperfections; but with a most grateful sense of the indulgence they have already received from a liberal Public.

The Translations or Imitations of the Minor Greek Poets were the productions of a still earlier age. A most indulgent father, in the retirement permitted by his station in the Church, found amusement in familiarising his only child with the Poets of Antiquity. Those Poets have already received every embellishment which the English language can bestow: yet it is hoped the eye of Criticism will not dwell on attempts prompted by Parental Fondness, and by no ambition, except to repay it.

Translations from Anacreon

  1. On His Lyre
  2. On Women
  3. Cupid’s Visit
  4. On Himself
  5. The Rose
  6. The Revel
  7. On Love
  8. The Dove
  9. The Waxen Cupid
  10. On Himself
  11. Cupid’s Challenge
  12. On Himself
  13. The Silver Cup
  14. The Law of Drinking
  15. To His Mistress
  16. On Himself
  17. On Riches
  18. On Life’s Enjoyment
  19. To a Painter
  20. On Love
  21. The History of His Loves
  22. To a Beauty
  23. On Himself
  24. On Spring
  25. Cupid Wounded
  26. To His Companions
  27. To Bacchus
  28. To the Cicada
  29. His Dream
  30. Cupid’s Arrows
  31. The Power of Riches
  32. On Himself
  33. Homer’s Lyre
  34. The Birth of Venus
  35. The Origin of the Rose
  36. To His Friends
  37. On Love

Other Poets

  1. Sappho’s Ode
  2. Hymn Ascribed to Alceus
  3. The 19th Idyl of Theocritus
  4. The 30th Idyl of Theocritus

Selected Odes of Horace

  1. To Leuconoe
  2. To His Cupbearer
  3. To Dellius
  4. To Quintus Hirpinus
  5. To a Fountain
  6. Ode 11
  7. To Apollo

Original Poems

  1. The Death of Admiral Nelson: An Irregular Ode
  2. The Rights of Woman: To the Hon. Mrs. M.
  3. Inscription Desig’ned for a Statue of the Late W. Pitt
  4. Address to the Patrons of the Refuge for the Destitute
  5. Inscription: For the Statue of Sir John Moore, at Glasgow
  6. Address to the Ancient and Honourable Society of Free Masons


Descriptive of Scenes in the West of Scotland

  1. Inscribed on a View of Castrammon
  2. On a View of the River Dee near Kircudbright
  3. On a View of the Fleet near Gatehouse
  4. On a View of Raeberie Hill
  5. On a View of Ross Isle near Balmae
  6. On Balmae House


To the Memory of a Young Friend

  1. To the Memory of a Young Friend, Obiit, Dec. 11, 1802
  2. Inscribed on Her Portrait, Painted from Memory
  3. On the Anniversary of Her Death, Dec. 11, 1805
  4. Written on Dec. 11, 1806
  5. 1807
  6. 1808


Or Occasional Trifles

  1. To the Hon. Miss C. on Her First Introduction at Court, Feb. 16, 1806
  2. To Two Sisters
  3. The Favourites
  4. Impromptu on a Silver Tea-chest, Presented to the Rt. Hon. Lady C.
  5. Impromptu Occasioned by a very accomplished lady challenging the writer to prove the power of the mind’s ear, by composing without an instrument.
  6. To a Young Lady on Her Return to Copenhagen, 1808
  7. The Birthday, January 14
  8. Inscribed on the Portrait of a God-daughter, Born May 8
  9. Enigma Found in a Lady’s Instrument
  10. Impromptu on Lindley Murray’s Works
  11. On an Ice-plant

Imitations of Various Styles of Poetry

  1. A Persian Dirge
  2. An Hungarian Gipsy’s Song
  3. A Savoyard’s Tale
  4. A Spanish Serenade: Cervantes to His Mistress
  5. The Reply
  6. Rondeau from the Portuguese of Camoens
  7. Sonnet in Imitation of Petrarch
  8. Marino’s Madrigal in Reply to the First Idyl of Moschus
  9. Portrait d'une Francoise: Travestied Impromptu
  10. Madrigal on a Rosebud: Imitated
  11. The Soldier’s Return or the Midnight Wanderers
  12. An Ancient Minstrel’s Lay: The Hermit of Cilgarran


  1. Canzonet for Three Friends
  2. War Song
  3. A Song for the Nineteenth Century
  4. A Welch Student’s Wish
  5. The Married Traveler’s Return
  6. The Unmarried Traveler’s Return: A Parody on the Preceding
  7. The Philosopher’s Return
  8. The Musical Philosopher’s Apology: For an Harmonic Society
  9. On the Marriage of Earl Moira to the Countess of Loudoun
  10. Occasional Hymn for a Benevolent Society
  11. Second Occasional Hymn Sung by the Freemasons’s Orphans
  12. Third Occasional Hymn
  13. Epistle: To the Hon. Colonel C.....n


  1. On a Mountain near Balmae
  2. The Wish
  3. Inscription on a Seal, Bearing an Emblem of Death

An Essay on Music