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Poems and Translations


For the Statue of Sir John Moore, at Glasgow

Behold! lamented hero! and approve
The faithful record of thy country’s love!
To thee, in manhood’s radiant noon, she gave
Her noblest task, an injur’d realm to save;
To bid the wav’ring flame of Freedom glow,
And point her lightnings on a faithless foe;
But to thy lofty soul by wiser Heav’n
Virtue’s best right and proudest test was giv’n,
In adverse storms to shine serenly great
And snatch a laurel from opposing Fate.
Lamented Hero! tho’ thy early bier
No holy rite adorns nor kindred tear,
Still where thy sacred dust unshrouded lies
May Freedom’s pure and ardent spirit rise;
There burst triumphant thro’ the envious gloom,
In glory awful as her champion’s doom:
Or urg’d by Fate, renounce the thankless clime
Like him, unstain’d, unconquer’d, and sublime!