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André-Marc Aymé

Vardill’s Most Frequently Reproduced Tales

(in descending order, at least 3 times)

The Norwegian (Legends of Lampidosa 1, April 1817) (15 times) 

Other titles: “The Blind Boy”, “The Idiot Accuser”.

With one illustration (W.C. Walker) in The New Casket, London, 1833; and with one illustration in Tales of Travellers, London, 1838.

The Bronze Statue (Annals of Public Justice 4, May 1820) (14 times) 

One Dutch edition (“Het Bronzen Beeld”) in Het klaverblad, Rotterdam, 1837.

Tale reproduced in Westminster Detective Library (American blog 2008-2022; AJV uncredited).

The Austrian Assassin (Annals of Public Justice 2, March 1820) (11 times) 

The High Court of Justiciary and Gordon the Gypsy, (Annals of Public Justice 1, February 1820) (10 times) 

Theatrical adaptation (1822-1827): Gordon the Gypsy.

With one illustration in The Stanley Tales, Vol. 2, London, 1826; and with one illustration (W.C. Walker) in The New Casket, London, 1832 or 1833.

Tale falsely attributed to James Hogg after his death.

The Brothers of Dijon (Annals of Public Justice 5, June 1820) (9 times) 

One German edition (“Der Bruder von Dijon”) in Morgenblatt für gebildete Stände, Stuttgart, 1820.

The Czar and Czarowitz (Annals of Public Justice 6, July 1820) (7 times) 

Il Due Gobbi (Annals of Public Justice 8, August 1820) (7 times) 

The Secrets of Cabalism 4, April 1821 (6 times) 

Theatrical adaptation: Ravenstone and Alice of Huntingdon (1821)

In the anthology Gothic Tales of Terror, vol 1, Haining, London, 1972, (Secrets of Cabalism or Ravenstone and Alice of Huntingdon), falsely attributed to William Child Green.

The Secrets of Cabalism 5, May 1821 (6 times). 

Other title: “The Sylph”.

The Black Gondola (Annals of Public Justice 9, September 1820) (cont. “d’Il Due Gobbi”) (5 times) 

The Western Assize Court in 1689 (Annals of Public Justice 3, April 1820) (5 times) 

Sandy Fraser (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 6, May 1818) (5 times) 

The Lunatic (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 7, June 1818) (5 times) 

Tale reproduced in Westminster Detective Library (American blog 2008-2022; AJV uncredited).

The Ship of the Dead (Relics of Popular Superstitions 6, May 1819) (5 times) 

The Spectre Harper (Relics of Popular Superstitions 5, April 1819) (5 times) 

The Pariah of Bombay (Relics of Popular Superstitions 4, March 1819) (4 times) 

The Traveller’s Dream (Annals of Public Justice 7, August 1820) (4 times) 

The Brother’s House (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 9, August 1818) (4 times) 

Tale reproduced in Westminster Detective Library (American blog 2008-2022; AJV uncredited).

The Assignment (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 1, December 1817) (4 times) 

It’s clearly the plagiarism of this tale in The Bower of Taste (Mrs Katherine A. Ware, Boston, 1828) that makes Poe say in his Marginalia:

“Stolen, body and soul (and spoilt in the stealing), from a paper of the same title1 in the European Magazine for December, 1817. Blunderingly done throughout, and must have cost more trouble than an original thing.” And Poe said also: “The ladies, however, should positively not be guilty of these tricks; — for one has never the heart to unmask or deplume them.”

The Spaniard (Legends of Lampidosa 5, August 1817) (4 times) 

One Dutch edition: In Algemeen letterlievend maandschrift, Volume 3, 1823: (“Juana, of het Slagtoffer van den Minnenijd”)

The Russian (Legends of Lampidosa 2, May 1817) (4 times) 

The Parisian (Legends of Lampidosa 3, June 1817) (3 times) 

The Italian (Legends of Lampidosa 6, September 1817) (3 times) 

The Englishwoman (Legends of Lampidosa 7, October 1817) (3 times) 

The Glen of Green Spirits (Relics of Popular Superstitions 2, January 1819) (3 times) 

St Mark’s Eve in Yorkshire (Relics of Popular Superstitions 3, February 1819) (3 times) 

The Gallery of Grondo (Tales of Today 3, September 1819) (3 times) 

The Heir (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 3, February 1818) (3 times) 

The Natural Son (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 4, March 1818) (3 times) 

Family History (Extracts from a Lawyer’s Portfolio 5, April 1818) (3 times) 

Count Struensee (Secrets of Cabalism 2, February 1821) (3 times) 


  1. “Discrimination” in Bower of Taste.